Justice for Cali! Fire Ardmore police officer for destroying defenseless dog for no reason!

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Justice for Cali! Fire Ardmore police officer for destroying defenseless dog for no reason!

Richard Gibbs
Created by Richard Gibbs

Petitioning Ardmore Police Department
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The following incident occurred on March 19th 2014 in a quiet Ardmore, Oklahoma, neighborhood. A cute dog named Cali escaped on the backyard fence and started to wander around, before neighbors called animal control to fix the problem. Police arrived, however, earlier. They were informed that Animal Control were expected to arrive soon, but, according to witnesses, Officer Brice Wolly said he would not wait for them.

He quickly grabbed his fire weapon and discharged it at the dog, putting it down on the spot. When Animal Control arrived, he bragged about how “awesome” his shot had been.

Witnesses overhead several conversations between the Police Officer and Animal Control, claiming that the report would state that the dog had attacked the officer and other bystanders, despite the fact that this was not true at all. As one might imagine, no court of law would take the word of a bunch of witnesses over the word of a “respectable” police officer.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that witnesses also overhead the officer bragging about a cat he had also put down just a couple of days back.

It is clear at this police officer has some serious issues to deal with. We need this story to spread across all over the web. Sign and Share this petition and fire Officer Wolly for his irresponsible actions as soon as possible!


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Published on March 21, 2014 @ 11:27 h




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