Justice for Bomber, the horse mutilated and killed in Tennessee, US!

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Justice for Bomber, the horse mutilated and killed in Tennessee, US!

Andreea Gheorghe
Created by Andreea Gheorghe

Petitioning Williamson County Sheriff’s Office
Petition text

Williamson County, Tennessee, has been the host of a horryfing scene this week-end. A Farview inhabitant had a shock when she discovered that her beloved horse had been tortured, mutilated and left to die during the night.

It appears that the horse suffered big time before death. Many parts of his body, including one ear, had been brutally removed. The owner explained that the security cameras were shut off moments before the incident, so there is currently no lead on the perpetrator.

We urge the Williamson County’s Sheriff to immediately begin the investigation and find the brutal killer as soon as possible!

Bomber deserves justice!

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Published on November 13, 2013 @ 14:52 h




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