STOP the mass butchering of stray dogs in Pitesti, Romania!

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STOP the mass butchering of stray dogs in Pitesti, Romania!

Andreea Gheorghe
Created by Andreea Gheorghe

Petitioning Tudor Pendiuc - Mayor of Pitesti

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Published on December 04, 2013 @ 17:41 h

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13 years ago, a German association called AULIM implemented a management system that collected, neutered and adopted almost all stray dogs in the city.


Here are the statistics during 2001-2013 period:

-          40, 000 dogs were collected in Pitesti

-          31, 000 were sterilized and vaccinated by AULIM

-          23, 000 dogs were sent to Germany for adoption


The sterilization scheme was not approved by local officials, despite the fact that most citizens requested so. No shelters were built either.

Now, the mayor has initiated a mass butchering campaign to get rid of the remaining stray dogs from the streets.

We do not approve such brutal actions, especially because no prior measures have been taken before! Mass murder does not represent a solution. Or at least, not the first one! NOT the case in Pitesti!

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Published on December 04, 2013 @ 16:55 h




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