New York Jets: Remove Michael Vick from the team!

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New York Jets: Remove Michael Vick from the team!

Christine Daviss
Created by Christine Daviss

Petitioning Neil Glat – President of New York Jets
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The Jets recently announced that Michael Vick has inked a one-year deal with the New-York based football organization. For those who don’t know, in 2007 Vick was implicated in the Bad News Kennels dog fighting investigation. Police found evidence of  a dog fighting ring in his house – and more than 70 dogs where seized. 

In august 2007, Vick admitted he had arranged dogfighting rings and reached an agreement with the US District Court. He was suspended from the National Football League and turned himself in for a 23-month sentence. 

In 2009 he is reinstated in the NFL, signing with the Eagles for one-year. He has appeared several times on behalf of the ASPCA and has assured the public of his deep remorse regarding his actions.

We, the fans of the New York Jets, do not agree with this signing. Our club is about reputation, and those who represent this team in the NFL need to be spotless. This is, obviously, not the case.

New York Jets, remove Michael Vick from the team as soon as possible or your fan base will be seriously damaged!

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Published on March 24, 2014 @ 10:48 h




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