Stop breeding pitbulls for dog fighting in New Jersey!

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Stop breeding pitbulls for dog fighting in New Jersey!

Richard Gibbs
Created by Richard Gibbs

Petitioning New Jersey Department of Justice , New Jersey PD
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A patient three-year investigation resulted in a major dog fighting bust that led to the rescue of 367 pit bull terriers in Alabama and Georgia this summer.

Officials say that the dogs were left in inhumane conditions – scorching heat with no food or fresh water. Many had scars for the dog fights, while others had been tethered by chains and cables.

This is a clear violation of the federal dog fighting and gambling statute.

While we thank the police for such actions, some other disturbing clips have been posted on YouTube recently that show the dog fighting shows have been relocate to New Jersey.

Stop torturing pit bulls for gambling and dog fighting!

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Published on December 02, 2013 @ 10:19 h




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