US Congress: Stop the horse slaughter!

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US Congress: Stop the horse slaughter!

John Smith
Created by John Smith

Petitioning US Congress

Update #1
New Mexico Attorney General Sues To Stop Horse Slaughter! Your support is essential! Join our campaign now!

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Published on December 29, 2013 @ 17:01 h

Petition text
Two years ago, the US Congress lifted a ban on this barbaric practice. 

However, on the November 1, a federal court in New Mexico allowed domestic slaughterhouse operators to kill and render horses on American territory after six years.

Several companies in two US states have announced plan to built plants where horses would be butchered, and then sent abroad, to countries where such meat is consumed. 

Although a federal appeal court decided to temporarily stop such plans, lobby on this particular issue is very strong, and the decision could be overturned anytime.

Horse slaughter is inhumane! Sign the Petition!

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