Stop heartless torture of turkeys at Hargin Farm, Minnesota!

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Stop heartless torture of turkeys at Hargin Farm, Minnesota!

Ahmed Turk
Created by Ahmed Turk

Petitioning Hargin Farm representatives

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Published on December 09, 2013 @ 11:01 h

Petition text

A new series of undercover images revealed that birds at the Hargin turkey farm in Minnesota are kept in unimaginable conditions. For instance, they were caught on camera while bleeding from deep gashes, limping on diseased, weak feet, being caught and crammed in mechanical nesting boxes.

According to a representative of the farm, all industry standards for animal welfare are obeyed.

25, 000 turkeys are at this farm. This is not the first incident here: in 2010 The Humane Society gathered evidence of animal torture, including grinding animals alive.

If we don’t act now, the farm can sweep the story under the rung yet another time. No one deserves to live in such conditions, including these poor turkeys! We deserve to know whether the food we eat is not supporting animal cruelty!

We ask the Hargin Farm to become Humane Certified and thus certify that turkeys are kept in decent conditions. We all deserve humanely raised food!

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Published on December 09, 2013 @ 10:51 h




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