Oppose 2014 dog eating festival in Yulin, China!

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Oppose 2014 dog eating festival in Yulin, China!

Carmen Martinez
Created by Carmen Martinez

Petitioning PETA , Xu Shaoshi - Chairman of the National Development and Report Commission , Lou Qinjian – Governor of Shaanxi province

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Published on January 17, 2014 @ 17:07 h

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Published on January 17, 2014 @ 17:05 h

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Thousands of visitors have attended the dog eating festival based in Yulin, eastern China since 2010. Now the region has gained recognition for producing one of the most tasty dog meat worldwide. For last year’s edition, no less than 15 000 dogs were cooked to feed those curious to taste canine flesh.

Organizers have announced that this year’s edition, to be held in June 2014, will be the most awesome in history. According to local farmer Lu Hin, it will have a unique grandeur because people have started to raise different breeds of dog exclusively for the festival.

While dog flesh continues to grow in popularity in China, the dog meat industry is becoming more and more inhuman. Conditions in which dogs are kept cannot be described and the way they find their end is truly terrible.

We ask PETA as well as the regional government to do everything in their power to stop this year’s edition of the Yulin dog eating festival!

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Published on January 17, 2014 @ 16:55 h




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