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Demand National Girl in Science Day!

by Lysa Shepard on 16-July-18, 08:42 PM

The intriguing problem of accepting women in the scientific domains such as science, chemistry, physics, etc. still persists in 2016. Not only that women struggle to obtain the equality they were promised by the state, but they also have problems and they are confronting with discriminations regarding their jobs. It is no secret that there is no national or international day encouraging girls/women to pursue the sciences, to study, to choose a career pertaining to this domain.

In some people's view, sciences and business are domains in which men rule, "it's a man's world". No, it is not. Not anymore, at least. While law and business are two domains in which women proved themselves to be if not as good as men, then highly superior to them, sciences are, still, a thin-iced field.

A recent Yale study proved that "bias still persists against women in science". Barriers exist for girls and women wanting to follow a science education, and, later, to pursue a career in this realm. The study, also, states the following: "[1.] Women make up fewer than 10 per cent of members of scientific advisory boards of the top 100 high-tech companies in the world. [2.] Less than 1 per cent of all female college freshmen say they intend to major in computer science. [3.] Only 14 per cent of all physics professors in the United States are women".

Is it fair?

Of course not!

Is it normal?

Definitely, not!

Fortunately, The Invincible Woman Project and The United Nations worked together and urged the authorities ratify International Women in Science Day. The first-ever was on February 11, 2016. Still, there are uncertainties whether it will remain this one or if it will be legal. Its existence is under a lot of question marks. The UN are making efforts to legalize it, but there are still a lot to do. That's why a campaign was started on that day: #WomeninSTEM.

Women deserve to be in science!

Support the creation of a National Girl in Science Day!



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