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President of the United States - Barack Obama, Department of the Interior - Sally Jewell

Keep Wolves on the Endangered Species List

by Demelza Betts on 16-July-18, 08:27 AM
17.214 signed / 20.000 target
86.07% Complete
2.786 more signatures needed

A special interest group is seeking to push for the removal of the wolf from the endangered species list.

A full recovery of the species has not been reached yet and they are on a sure path to extinction. Their natural food source has been disrupted through poisoning and hunting and their numbers decreased considerably.

Their lands have been taken over by humans and removing them from the endangered list will surely lead to one thing! Extinction!

We, the signers of this petition ask you to keep the wolves on the endangered species list and save them from being hunted to extinction!


Facebook Group

Facebook Group


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