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US Secretary of Education

Make Climate Change Literacy Mandatory In All US High Schools

by Gabrielle Spence on 19-September-18, 04:54 PM
1.492 signed / 10.000 target
14.92% Complete
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Dear friends,


Our Earth is under tremendous threat by global warming. Most global leaders are struggling to convene to a solution to combat (or at least stem) this situation, while other Presidents choose the easy way out – opting to deny climate change even exists.


Without a shadow of a doubt, climate change is real and is causing great damage to this world. I would like to share with you just a handful of statistics that show how dire the situation is and how action must be taken now, not tomorrow:


In 2017, all Earth’s resources have been consumed by the month of August


Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate since 2, 000 years


Arctic sea ice and glaceries are melting at historic pace


Two thirds of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by climate change


Global floodings are expected to triple by 2030


The ocean contains 26 per cent more acid than before the Industrial Revolution (and more acidic than any point in the past 300, 000 years)




Climate change is not a joke and must be taken seriously. This is why I strongly feel that all high school children need to know about this global threat. I therefore petition the US Department of Education to support the introduction of Global Change classes in US high schools as soon as possible.


Climate change literacy allows the basic understanding of the science behind climate change as well as an understanding of how this affects one's daily life. With this knowledge students will take action in their own lives and in their community to mitigate the effects of climate change.


We sincerely hope that our demands will be taken into account. Thank you!


Facebook Group

Facebook Group


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