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Petitioning Prime Minister Theresa May

Make Mps and All Cabinet Members Earn The Minimum Wage

by Marylou Dunlop October 25, 2018

1.998.126 NEEDED

TARGET 2.000.000 SIGNATURES 1.874 supporters

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Working on a minimum wage is never easy - you might think that living in a country like the United Kingdom will help, but the truth is it does not. I am sending this petition to the Prime Minister of the UK, Ms. May, so she could get a better understanding about the plight of the blue collar workers in her country.

How would she feel if she and her entire cabinet members, as well as all the MPs in the British Parliament worked on a minimum wage? Try it for one month and see how it is!

I mean no disrespect, I am really serious in this process. Under no circumstances should this campaign be treated as a joke or taken lightly. The plight of lower class workers is a really important matter!

Please support my campaign - these high ranking officials need to take action and ensure a better life for all the people in this great country!

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