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Petitioning EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Support the EPA's Action on Climate Change

by an Anonymous User July 16, 2018

4.021 NEEDED

TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 979 supporters

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Climate Change is a known fact.

A critical plan to limit the carbon pollution from power plants has been proposed by the Obama administration which limits the quantity of mercury, arsenic, soot and other pollutants the power plants dump into the air we breath. If those who oppose this plan and deny Global Warming have it their way, polluters will continue to have free rein to dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution in the air leading to a negative impact on the planet.

The EPA is working on commonsense carbon limits for power plants, but there are some who are working tirelessly to stop this progress. By signing this petition you are showing your support for the EPA to stand up to the polluters.

A signature for a better and healthier planet is all I ask of you. Join me and many others that support the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency) in the fight against pollution!


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