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Tell Wallmart To Bring Cosmopolitan Magazine Back!

by Gabrielle Spence September 19, 2018

4.633 NEEDED

TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 367 supporters

Walmart recently announced it will no longer sell the Cosmopolitan magazine at its checkout aisles in over 5, 000 stores. Please sign my petition and tell Warmart this is such a bad move and we want our favourite magazine back!


I am a true fan of Cosmo and it’s a true shame Wallmart has decided to ditch this publication, calling it sexist and degrading. Cosmopolitan is a magazine for women, mainly staffed by women (who usually know what they are doing). The articles are extremely empowering and cover hot topics such as money, careers, relationships, fashion or activism. The magazine has also been a platform for victims of the #Metoo movements to speak out.


By banning Cosmopolitan from its stores, Wallmart is tell women and girls they need to get a life. I feel this move is extremely biased and I sincerely hope Wallmart will reconsider its stance.


Unless Cosmo is back in stores, we, the undersigned, hereto pledge never to spend a dime in Wallmart stores again.


Thank you!


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