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Charlie Hales – Mayor of Portland

The homeless people from Portland, OR need your help now! Don’t let them down!

by Amber Talley on 26-July-16, 06:04 PM
1.266 signed / 20.000 target
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I am hereby writing to the authorities in Portland, Oregon asking them to do more to help the homeless population.

It is official: The rate of homeless people has gotten out of hand. The main reasons for this unfortunate, yet striking reality is a sudden surge in population, a huge increase in rents all across the city as well as a profound lack of shelters to house these distraught citizens. Official statistics are truly alarming: over 2000 people get to sleep in the streets every night.

Numerous men, women and children have resorted to installing tents all across town, including sidewalks and parks (see the petition photo). The only thing the municipality has done up to this point is lift the ban on citywide 'camping'. This does not even come close to what these people need. Their situation can be compared to the plight of the Syrian refugees that are seeking a new home in Western Europe.

Portland city officials claim that they are doing the best they can to fix the solution, adding that they are working with non-profit entities to ensure decent conditions for those left with nowhere to go. However, the mayor's office has yet to come out with a concrete and factual plan to help these people.


According to the Portland Rescue Mission, addiction and mental illness are among the key factors that lead to homelessness - all of these symptoms require immediate medical attention as well as counseling, to ensure immediate cure. None of this has happened up to this point. And with shelters all across the city fully occupied, a solution to this problem seems to drift further apart.

Portland's homeless people need our desperate help. Please respond to this important call to action and let the authorities know that swift measures need to be put into place.

The people of Portland have placed their faith in mayor Charlie Hales. Ask Mayor Hales not to let them down!


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Facebook Group


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