Poor working environment in the port of Tanger

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Poor working environment in the port of Tanger

Mostafa Bejraoui
Erstellt von Mostafa Bejraoui

Petition an Tangier Port , Tangier Customs , Moroccan Government
Beschreibung der Petition
For many years us Moroccan citizens have been suffering from the poor treatment we are receiving when entering Morocco via Tangier by the staff and mainly the customs. My aim for this petition is mainly to improve the working conditions of transporters who have to deal with this several times a year as part of their jobs as the conditions have been frankly unacceptable to a point where many transporters have quit their jobs. In my most recent trip to Morocco the weather was very poor, there was heavy rain and as part of the customs routine we were required to empty our vans to check for any illegal imports which I do not have any issue with if the location was satisfactory, however this was not the case as the floor was completely wet and it risks damaging our customers luggage and personal belongings which is unacceptable and damages our reputation. These experiences cannot continue to happen and this is why I am creating this petition so the responsible parties can become aware of this and take action, please make our voices heard by signing this petition and encouraging change as it will hopefully improve everyone's experience entering Morocco.

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