Save Our Secor Homes and Property

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Save Our Secor Homes and Property

Dana Dunbar
Created by Dana Dunbar
Petitioning Village of Ottawa Hills Council
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We reject the Village of Ottawa Hills and the City of Toledo’s proposal to widen Secor Road to five lanes. We are not in favor of removing any Ottawa Hills homes or private property. These homes and families provide a social, economic and financial benefit to our village and the broader Toledo community. We reject the five lane plan because it is in direct conflict with our village’s values and traditions.

The widening plan places far too great a burden on our educational system which is the hallmark of our community. Lost revenue in the first year amounts to approximately $63, 000.00 which will continue ad infinitum, along with income and property taxes of approximately $10, 000.00 lost to the Village of Ottawa Hills.

We believe a safer Secor can be accomplished immediately through restriping the road and trimming any natural growth that obscures sightlines. This is a reasonable approach that will support our neighbors, our school, our village and broader community.

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Published on June 16, 2016 @ 05:43 h




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