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Opriti abandonul animalelor! / Stop abandoning animals!

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Opriti abandonul animalelor! / Stop abandoning animals!

Stefania Preda
Created by Stefania Preda
Petitioning Politia Animalelor / Animal Protection
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Animalele trebuiesc protejate! Drumurile sunt pline de animalute mici precum caini si pisici care nu merita sa fie pur si simplu ARUNCATE de stapanii lor. Ne-am saturat sa vedem pui abia-nascuti cum se chinuie sa supravietuiasca de multe ori fara mama lor, lasati singuri in pustietate. Acestia nu au nici-o vina si nu merita sa moara de foame, frig sau calcati de masini. Va rugam ajutati-ne sa salvam vietile micutelor suflete nevinovate! Semnati acum si puteti schimba viata animalutelor, soarta lor sta in mainile D-voastra!!!!!!!!

Animals must be protected! Roads in Romania are filled of small, cute animals, such as dogs or cats which do not deserve to be THROWN OUT by their owners. We are sick and tired of seeing puppies which struggle to survive, frequently without their mother, all alone in the wild! These puppies have no fault and do not deserve to die of starvation, of cold or being ran off by a car. The situation is getting worse every day! Please help us save these poor, innocent animals! Their fate is now in your hands!!!!!!!!

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Published on April 21, 2013 @ 13:04 h




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