Stop millions of dogs from being skinned alive and abused in China each year!

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Stop millions of dogs from being skinned alive and abused in China each year!

Mike Arthur
Created by Mike Arthur
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Millions of dogs fall victims of the inhumane dog meat trade in China. They need our help more than ever. The target of this petition is United States President Elect Donald Trump. We, the undersigned, are asking Mr. Trump to negociate the termination of this inhumane trade and tie any commercial agreements that the US and China will make to the ending of the Yulin dog meat trade festival.

Rough estimates that between 10 and 15 million dogs are skinned alive and cooked for their meat each year on Chinese soil. The peak is represented by the Yulin dog meat festival, which takes place in June, to celebrate the summer solstice. For this event, thousands of dogs are rounded off the streets all across the country and shipped to Yulin to be cooked. Yulin residents boast about preparing the best dog meat on the planet and claim that their secret is making the dogs suffer for as long as possible, because the rush of adrenaline tends to soften the meat. This cruel festival has been allowed to continue unabiased for years, in spite of numerous promises coming from the authorities that it will be shut down.

Unfortunately, the dog meat trade is not confined to the Yulin festival alone. In China, this industry is active throughout the year. Stray dogs are taken off the streets and people’s pets are stolen right from their home each and every day. Dog meat can be purchased in restaurants, in public markets or, sometimes, even on the side of the road – where dogs are kept in cages for days without food and water and are eventually cooked in front of the clients, to ensure the freshness of the meat.

Dog meat is currently legal in China and the industry is heavily unregulated. In theory, vendors are obliged to have certificates that show the origin of the dogs – but because most canines used in this industry are stray or stolen pets – such certificates end up being forged or are simply non-existant. However, several vendors interviewed during the Yulin festival have openly admitted not once were they asked to provide such documents and never encountered an inspection from the authorities.

Please show your support and ask President Elect Donald Trump to negociate with China the ending of this inhumane trade. We, the undersigned, demand that no new commercial agreement is signed with China unless the barbaric dog meat industry is outlawed. It does not matter who you voted for in the US elections. This petition is not about politics, but about the millions of innocent creatures that suffer tremendously each year in China. We ask Mr. Trump to put his negociating skills to good use and save the lives of all these dogs!

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Published on May 03, 2018 @ 20:57 h




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