If You Sign This Petition You Will Be Able To Sleep Again!

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If You Sign This Petition You Will Be Able To Sleep Again!

John Steelman
Created by John Steelman

Petitioning Mattress Manufacturers
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Being able to sleep peacefully at night is one of the most important things in life. If you want to be able to sleep peacefully again, sign this petition! Signing this petition will help us stop a dreadful practice of making the sleeping mattresses out of hazardous materials. At the moment, the majority of us, including your own children perhaps, are sleeping on mattresses that were made out of materials that are not healthy. In order to stop this, we have to stop the legislation which makes all of this possible.

The current legislation makes it possible for the manufacturers to make the mattresses out of the worst materials which negatively affect human health, but that is not all. These materials can also induce cancer and many other diseases and have long lasting impacts on our overall health. This is one of those things that goes unnoticed, until it is too late. Do not let this slide! Make sure you sign this petition as soon as possible and make some changes so that we all can lead a healthier life!

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Published on January 17, 2018 @ 14:09 h




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