Stop Harmful Chemtrail Spraying of Our Skies

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Stop Harmful Chemtrail Spraying of Our Skies

Ron Swanson
Created by Ron Swanson
Petitioning United States Federal Government
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The United States Government, at least since the 1990's has been spraying our skies with ever increasing frequency, with various nano-particulate metal and chemical aerosol compounds, without the consent of the governed, in conjunction with programs at major universities, such as Harvard University, that are causing widespread adverse health effects, both mental and physical. 

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This petition requests a full disclosure from Government agencies, and congressional hearings, treating the adverse impact to U.S. Citizen's health, and the poisoning of U.S. land and water with the metal and chemical fallout. 

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Published on June 16, 2017 @ 09:08 h




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